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Event Timer/Counter Monitoring Systems

  Does your current shop tracking system offer these features?

· Allow real time job tracking from your office.

· Collect times and part count directly from any machine connected to the

· Job run time and part count without operator input for projected time

· Report current status on all jobs pertaining to a work order by simply
  inputting the work order number.

· Real time order status without leaving your office.

· Job assigning from your workstation to any operator in any station
  connected to the system.

ETCM Systems offers complete hardware and software solutions for monitoring fabrication and assembly processes in real time with minimum user intervention.  

Since certain production characteristics are unique to specific machinery and personnel, every ETCM System is configured to meet your specific needs.

The data collecting process can be adapted to enhance your current managing software system.

At your convenience and without obligation, allow us to visit your site so that we can demonstrate ways ETCM systems can enhance your shop.